The Project

For Toyota, sales events offer a time of the year where we focus on driving foot traffic to our dealerships nationwide. Generally the most effective communication will center around the offers and deals for each model. So we used geo-targeting to create an ad with a relevant offer in it to try and persuade our potential customers to consider a Toyota model instead.

Using Data to Shape the Ad

We combined geo-location, 3rd party data, and local deals to generate the mobile ad on the fly. Built on a new platform that gives customers a reason to consider a Toyota, even while at a competitor’s lot.

Here’s how the ad worked on the front end:

Here’s how the back end technology works:

And the result, each customer is served a different ad that spans the full Toyota line with location-specific deals.


In The Press

The ad has been generating some interest in the mobile world. Check out some of the stories here.

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